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Magician Aaron Radatz

Aaron Radatz

Where else can you find a magic show that has it all? This explosive show weaves together audience participation, comedy, and the beauty of dance; incorporating exotic animals, lights, pyrotechnics, and energetic music. Aaron has fresh style, breathtaking magic, and innovative illusions which have earned him prestigious awards in creativity and showmanship. Every show is designed exclusively for your event and audience by Aaron’s full crew of specialty artists to meet all of your requirements and exceed your expectations. Aaron’s show creates such excitement, that it produces repeat customers, increased sales, and sell-out crowds. With successful experiences in both, he is not only a valuable addition to your production show, but also can be the entire show himself! Aaron enjoys giving audience members a chance to become a star by participating on stage and validating that magic seen is real. He is one of the few in the world to have personally studied with top magicians David Copperfield and Harry Blackstone Jr. In addition to a spectacular performance, he will attract attention with on-site publicity stunts and interviews through print, radio, and television.

"Nipping at the heels of David Copperfield"

"A fabulous magician"
FOX News

"Refreshing, unique, and very polished"
Bally's Casino

"Recommend him to anyone to enhance their event"

"A spectacular display of mind-blowing magic"
Masters of Illusion, LIVE!

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