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Banjo Player Eddie & Guitarist Robin

Their sound is rooted in the Appalachian music tradition

Banjo Player Eddie & Guitarist Robin

“Their sound is rooted in the Appalachian music tradition, but because of their respective backgrounds, they have a quite broadened perspective of what that means….. Don’t write the sound off as straight bluegrass or country, because Eddie & Robin veer into the great beyond, to New Age and what they call ‘chant rapgrass.’ ”
~Monica Orasz, The Charleston Daily Mail, 2/25/2010~

In the 80’s, Ed played traditional bluegrass with Pittsburgh’s “Beaver Creek” band and for over 30 years was part of the legendary “Short Crick Flatpickers”, touring statewide and regionally.

Robin is the daughter of the late Jimmy Knepper, internationally renowned jazz trombonist, and Maxine Fields Knepper, a strong independent woman who was already on the road with her trumpet at the age of 16, before anyone had ever coined the term “feminist.”

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