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Wedding Ceremony and Reception Ideas

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Ideas

After the wedding ceremony is over, it’s time for the party to begin! Your reception sets the stage for your family and friends to get together and celebrate an evening for all to remember. Weddings have evolved with time, and new traditions are steadily taking the place of old ones, as couples strive to incorporate their own taste and style into their special day.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creative ways to make your wedding and reception unique. The first thing to do is remember that it is your special day, so you need to be sure to include things that reflect you as a couple, so that your special day will be a truly memorable one!

wedding ceremony ideas

Create your own hashtag

Create a hashtag that guests can reference, which will allow you to view fun moments as captured by guests at your wedding!
Add variety to your musical entertainment

Wedding bands and DJ’s create a backdrop of music to dance by, but how about adding a little extra touch to the musical entertainment? Acts such as dueling pianos, or even an accordionist add that special extra touch to make the evening more memorable!


Add a Kids’ Table for children

If you’ve chosen to have children as guests at your wedding, providing an area of entertainment solely for them will make both kids and parents happy. Activities that cater specifically to their age group will keep kids occupied and allow parents some time to relax!


Chef-hosted stations

Nothing makes your guests feel more important than having a chef prepare a dish just for them! You don’t have to go all-out with the main courses – just choose a few simple appetizers or deserts and let guests experience a chef in action!


Wine Tasting

A wine tasting adds a creative and more personalized touch to the traditional cocktail hour. Whether you are looking to sample local favorites or try more exotic blends, a wine tasting is sure to add a touch of elegance!


Replace traditional wedding favors with a personalized snack


Sending guests home with a little treat of their own serves as a perfect way to offer a “midnight snack” tailored to your special day. Monogramed cookies or chocolates, or mini doughnuts can be packed into a small take-home box for guests to enjoy!


It’s never too early to start planning your wedding reception! From the best in quality entertainment to professional lighting and photography, Entertainment Unlimited has what you need to make your day memorable and unique! Contact us today, and our experts can begin the process of helping you plan your special day!

Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Fundraising Event


Fundraising events have become increasingly important in many organizations, as many companies look for ways to entertain and encourage donors, while providing them with a memorable evening. The key to success in entertainment is to keep your audience engaged while ensuring that the entertainment is fun. Entertainment that misses the mark or falls flat may provide an obstacle to not only the evening, but producing successful results. Below are a few key things to consider in entertainment for your nest fundraising event that will help ensure its success:

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Picking a DJ for Your Wedding

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding – the location, food, flowers, photography, dresses – the list is endless. One crucial detail is the music entertainment for the wedding reception. The right DJ should be professional and engage your guests, ensuring that their evening is as memorable as yours. Below are a few helpful hints that can assist you with choosing the right Pittsburgh DJ for your wedding:
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Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

The company’s office party has long been parodied on many TV shows and movies. The truth is, businesses have a number of employees in a number of age ranges, with diverse interests. Throwing a memorable Pittsburgh Corporate Holiday Party involves thinking outside the box, so that your employees will not only look forward to your party, but will be talking about it for years to come.

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