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Bob the Juggler

Master Juggler, Extraordinary Balancing Acts, and Party Pleasing Music

Bob the Juggler

Following in the footsteps of juggling’s greatest performers, Bob the Juggler is a master juggler, who has been exciting crowds since he was twelve years old!

Working from the adage, what goes up, must come down, Bob the Juggler has been known to juggle various objects including:

  • Balls
  • Clubs
  • Rings
  • Knives
  • Cigar Boxes
  • Devil Sticks

And anything else he can throw in the air!!

Bob the Juggler wows his audience juggling up to 5 balls, clubs or rings at a time!

Plus, as a master of “contact juggling”, Bob the Juggler, will amaze you with his sleek movements that prove that the hand, is indeed, quicker than the eye!

Bob the Juggler will surprise you with his unique unicycle and balancing acts making you wonder….How does he do that?!?

Bob the Juggler not only wears many hats, but balances and performs with them in the style of the old Vaudevillian routines.

Expect to see smiles on all the faces of your guests, as Bob brings his juggling equipment to life accompanied by music that will make your heart sing!

**Bob is a member of the International Jugglers’ Association!

"Bob was great; the girls loved it!"
-Gary Napotnik

“I hired Bob The Juggler for my niece’s Graduation Party! He was AWESOME! The guest participation and stunts w/magic was absolutely fantastic! The crowd (young & older) loved him! He even stayed to try to teach the guests juggling and other tricks, especially the unicycle & chinese yoyo. Bob made everything look so easy, but of course it was not! He is an all around great guy with tons of talent and class! He is a definite asset to EU! I wouldn’t hesitate to have him again at any event!!! Definite Class Act!!!!!”
– Cindy Kumpf || Graduation Party

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