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Comic David C.

David Christiansen

Born in Philadelphia to hardworking parents, he soon learned the value of honest labor, and how to avoid it!

Christiansen became a stand-up comedian while at college in Utah.  “I started out entertaining Mormons.  It was tough, but it taught me that I can write clean and still get laughs.”

After several films and TV appearances, Christiansen still prefers the live audience.  “I love people coming up and saying, ‘That happened to me, too!'”

Even in the sharpest moments of social commentary, audiences are disarmed by his honesty and charm. Christiansen tells the story of one club owner who said, “I don’t know how you got them to laugh without swearing once, but they loved it.” From casinos and comedy clubs to corporate events and trade-shows, from Alaska to Texas, from sea to shining sea, David Christiansen is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

"Everyone at the company holiday party LOVED David Christansen! He was hysterical and he had everyone laughing, even after his set was over! He really made our night! Thanks!"
Holly Galeza || Company Event

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