The Hora Dance is a very simple dance that is very popular at Jewish Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. At Bar/Bat Mitzvahs it is customary to raise the honoree and his/her family in a chair during the Hora Dance.


1. Stand in a circle holding the hands of the person on either side of you.

2. When the music starts, follow the cirlce as it rotates.

3. Step to the side, passing your left foot behind your right.

4. Move the right foot beside the left foot.

5. Step to the side again, passing your left foot in front of your right this time.

6. Continue as the cirlce keeps spinning, adding a little hopto your steps as you go faster.

7. Move toward the center of hte cirlce and throw your hands, still holding those beside you, in the air.

8. Lower your hands and move backward

9. Repeat Several times

10. Resume spinning around in a cirlce.

Enjoy the Hora and Have a wonderful Event!