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Harry Freedman

Harry Freedman

When you think of finding the right speaker to give your people a laugh-fest they will love and thank you for.  Two key words make all the difference: Harry Freedman!

With well over a decade of professional comedy experience from the clubs of Las Vegas and New York to the Corporate Boardroom, Harry Freedman is a comic you can trust.  Harry will create for you the deliciously believable “imposter/expert” of your choice that will have everyone completely fooled until they are roaring with laughter!

Harry carefully screens all of his material directly with the client to ensure that it is tasteful, funny, and right on the mark.  You’ll like knowing that his material is always strictly clean, and you can relax understanding that Harry’s gentle “spoofing” of the key topics and people you select will only delight one and all.

As a writer, Harry Freedman has written for Showtime Comedy Specials.  As  a stand-up comedian he has appeared regularly in the showrooms and clubs of Los Angeles, Vegas, Atlantic City and New York

"Harry, I would like to thank you for the amazing keynote presentation at our 2012 National Sales Meeting. As you know, this was the first meeting between our two main business units and we wanted to kick off our awards night with something special to break the ice between the groups. Your presentation helped that process immensely. The results were spectacular and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your great performance. The incorporation of the material about our company, its policies, and our key people into your speech was flawless. You had everyone believing you were for real, even as you got them laughing hysterically. Your delivery and timing were impeccable. From the moment you hit the podium, you had everyone roaring in laughter. It was no surprise to me, that after the conclusion of your presentation an hour later, you received an unsolicited standing ovation. Again, thank you for helping to make our conference a great success. Would recommend you to anybody that wants a true professional who delivers an amazing show. "
Andrew Love || Vice President of Marketing

"Harry, that was amazing! You went on late at night for our group of emergency/contingency planners after a very long day of serious meetings and you blew them away! You had our most hardened veterans- some very dry and serious people - laughing nonstop for your entire 45 minute presentation. Everyone thought it was sensational. You were the highlight of our entire weekend! I thought you'd be entertaining when I hired you. I had no idea you were going to leave us hurting from the laughter! I would hire you again in a minute and recommend you for any company, association, or group that wants the greatest expert in their field to give them a laughter break they won't soon forget. Thanks again, Harry!"
Dr. Ed Goldberg || Association of Contingency Planners

"We've had humorists and comedians before, but never have we heard normally restrained bankers pounding on the tables with laughter!"
John Pritchard || Executive Director Independent Bankers of NY

"It's been one month since your incredible performance, and my office is still had them rolling on the floor!"
Michael E Rulison || First Vice President, Tucker Anythony

"His delivery was excellent and his presentation was very funny. We recommend him for any group seeking an evening of fun and laughter"
W. Vickery Stoughton || President Smith Kline Beecham

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