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John Rathbone

John Rathbone

In the past 20 years, John Rathbone has performed over 5,000 comedy shows.  Nearly a million people have seen him live.  His travels have taken him from New York City to California; from Canada to the Caribbean.  He has been hired to entertain for Fortune 500 giants, including AT&T, G.E., Honda, Phillip Morris, Proctor & Gamble and The American Heart Association.  He has also worked for smaller groups like The Florence, KY Lumberman’s Association, The Ohio Dental Association, Wooster City Schools, Medic Drugs and Food-4-Less.  John is the perfect fit, no matter the size of your company.

John has worked with the top names in the comedy business.  Tim Allen, Paul Reiser, Jeff Foxworthy…Jerry Seinfeld called him an “excellent comedian”. Drew Carey said “John Rathbone always makes me laugh!”  He has a witty humor, an urban style, fantastic expressions, and an easy rapport with his audiences.  His sense of humor appeals to a remarkable range of tastes, and his show can be G, PG or R rated, as you see fit.

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