Lee Alverson

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Exciting, interacting, and outrageous! Lee Alverson offers you a wide variety of entertainment and unique musical show revues. From the music of Elton John, Billy Joel, and the Beatles…to name a few…to a dinner theatre with the “Phantom” in Broadway Phantasy, or travel back to the era of the Big Band, enjoy a special treat with Showstoppers, and relive “celebrity” entertainment shows as though the celebrity is there themselves. There is something for everybody!

Lee’s playlist includes:
Rocket Man (Elton John Tribute): Lee is Elton John! Lee sings, plays, walks and talks Elton. He is regarded as the BEST Elton John impersonator in the business. Lee Alverson takes on the role of Elton as he performs his greatest hits complete with costumes, grand piano, and dynamic stage set! The Billy Joel Tribute: Singer/pianist Lee Alverson performs the “Piano Man’s” greatest hits LIVE! The show includes songs such as, “Italian Restaurant” and “Piano Man.” Can be done as a full show, novelty for cocktails, or with the Elton John Tribute Show! Piano Man: Lee provides you with all your favorite tunes on a baby grand piano. He performs songs from Mozart to Elton John! Great for cocktails before dinner, dinner music, meet and greets, background entertainment, and your listening enjoyment!


Lee’s portrayal of Elton is unbelievable! I had to keep reminging myself that is wasn’t really him!” – Cindy B. Clark – Fernwood Ballroom, NYC

“WOW! I doubt EJ could have performed better!” – Dave Brewster – Crystal Room, Philadelphia

“A must see for anyone who has enjoyed the great talent of Elton John!” – Sal Wilcox – Majectic Theatre

“Great Voice, outstanding piano playing, perfect impersonation! I’d recommend this show to all Elton fans!” – Barb Casey – MI Theatres, New Orleans

“His voice, style and piano playing capture the tru essence of Joel!” – Lemont Cole – LaRoche College

“His Impersonation of Billy Joel is amazing!” – Steven Ford – P.B.S. Coal Inc.

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