Rudy Zetz 4th & Main

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You know what they say, “You just can’t please everyone”! Right? NO, WRONG! Well at least when it comes to a “party” night of music and dancing. As one of the top drawing entertainers in Beaver County, “RUDY ZETZ & 4TH AND MAIN” having been proving “them” wrong for more than twenty years by offering a wide variety of music appealing to audiences of all ages and musical tastes. When spending an evening with Rudy and the boys you never know what will be in store for you; however; one thing is for certain; YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED. One moment Rudy performs a tender ballad on bended knees, selling the song as if it were an intimate life story unfolding in your presence and then in another Rudy’s unique quality of rock and soul transforms a dance floor of people into a ultimate party. The rich grainy voice of Kenny Perciavalle sells a slow grinding blues song backed by his expressive emotional guitar lines and in another song Kenny rocks the crowd with sweet screaming vocal and guitar solos. Drummer Michael Harb spices up the mix singing contemporary dance songs while driving the dance beat making it impossible “not to move your feet.” The unique blend of harmonies is supplied by Alan Berger on keyboards and Alex Bubien on bass. Their instruments provide a solid wall of sound which Alan and Alex artistically arrange their vocals parts to create a signature “4th & Main” sound. The key to their success over the years is simple: Give the people what they want and then give them a little more. “Our audience is very special to us, as we are to them.” Good music and good friends makes for an evening to look forward to from both sides of the stage!

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