It’s Never Too Early To Book Your Holiday Entertainment

Booking Holiday Entertainment

Many Pittsburgh residents are trying to get the most out of the last days of summer, with winter being far from everyone’s mind. But the truth is, holiday parties are planned well in advance, especially where there is a need for a particular venue or choice of entertainment. These things book fast, and those who wait until the last minute often find themselves scrambling to find other options, with their first choices being unavailable.

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Why Your Organization Should Hold A Carnival Fundraiser

Holding a Carnival Fundraiser

Summer is fast coming to a close and Back-To-School season is starting in Pittsburgh, and with that come the many fundraising sales efforts by many school organizations: food sales, expensive gift items, and even coupon books. Many parents find themselves inundated with requests, having to support not only their own children, but the children of friends, family and even co-workers. With so many different options on the market, having a fundraiser that stands out and offers something valuable in return is the best chance at turning a tidy profit.

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