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Audience Response

Audience Response

What is audience response? A powerful way to connect and communicate during meetings and events.  Audience Response is a tool used to create interactive presentations.  Speakers connect with audiences using simple, intuitive polling software and response devices.

Traditional presentations may contain valuable information, but are often the victim of cluttered slides and struggling attention spans.  Audience response offers a unique way to not only keep attendees awake, but also keep them engages and interested in session material.

Our powerful system comes in a small package, but packs a powerful punch that will transform any event into an entertaining, interactive session.  Give each attendee a Response Cart keypad and the audience will feel like a part of the program.

  • Calculate effectiveness and improve future events
  • Create powerful, engaging, and informative presentations
  • Collect valuable data, including participant demographics
  • Gather honest feedback anonymously or tracked
  • Increase interaction and spark impromptu conversations
  • Benchmark breakout sessions with real-time results
  • Measure and assess with over 30 different reports
  • Take a ” green ” approach with instant, paperless surveys
  • Enhance brand, product, company, or organization identity
  • Gauge audience understanding and track performance