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Blaze the Hypnotist

Stage hypnosis entertainment chock-full of hypnotic laughter and awesomely memorable good times!


Comedy Hypnotist Blaze was born in Manchester, CT, this Connecticut Yankee babyboomer and now lives in Richmond, VA. He developed his comedic and improvisational sense of humor during twelve years of prep-school at the dubiously prestigious Dry-Wit Academy for The Double-Entendre Arts & Biting-Sarcasm Sciences in the beautifully bucolic, but boring, Connecticut countryside. Eventually, he earned a B.A. degree, Magna Cum Laude, in English, from
the University of Connecticut.

Fast forward in time—after far too-many years working for others and after ten years as an accomplished marketing consultant, author, speaker, trainer, and even successful real-estate investor, BLAZE had a satori experience—a profound moment of enlightenment. As the millennium approached, feeling inspired and called to entertain, he knew that it was time for
changes on many professional levels (no more bosses) and personal levels, especially no more tenants and toilets.

Undeniably charming and charismatic, Master Hypnotist Blaze has, at his hypnotic command, a vast variety of hilarious and thought-provoking hypnotic entertainment. He unleashes it all full-force in every show as he fans the flames of hilarious pandemonium to burn hot, hot, hot with rip-roaring hypno-comedy. Every hypnosis show is guaranteed to transport your audience through a dazzling voyage of imagination and beyond! You will be amazed as friends and family volunteers become the stars of the show!