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National recording artists Blended Reality Band are a Country-Pop sibling trio from Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Blended Reality

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“Family First” is the basis and core of their band. “In most bands you’ll hear the members saying how their band is just like family. Well our band in fact, is our family, our siblings actually. Anyone who’s ever had a brother or sister can certainly relate to the friendly ‘sibling rivalry’ we sometimes share, but we’re pretty fortunate. We all share a unique bond that being in this band together has blessed us with. We are definitely closer in a lot of ways because of it. We spend more time together than apart, and the reality is at the end of the day, we’re family and nothing will change that.” – Riley, Mack, Ty For brothers Riley and Tyler, music has always played a significant role in their life. Growing up as part of a church with a strong music background primed them both to naturally fall into a love of singing and playing music. Much of their early teen years were spent playing music in their room together and all of those hours show in the quality of the music they bring to each of their shows. Their father remarried and the boys gained their now little sister Mack. At a very young age Mack possessed a unique passion for performing and singing. Her family recalls her memorizing songs and singing them even before she was able to form full sentences. Now her love for the stage shines through in every Blended Reality Band show. Ironically, there was never a real plan to form a band; playing music together just kind of happened for this trio. “I remember I was playing around on the piano one day when Mack just started singing along and I was like, wait a minute! You can sing? From that day forward we just started jamming in the basement together for fun.” – Riley A few local, public gigs later, their basement jamming became Blended Reality Band. Even naming the band just kind of happened for them. “Blended Reality Band is just who we are.” – Mack “We all have different musical influences and different preferences in the music we listen to.” –Ty “Take all of that and add to it that being a blended family is the reality of our daily life.” – Riley

With country music influences ranging from Taylor Swift, Jon Pardi, and Johnny Cash to Little Big Town and Lady Antebellum; the trio works to ‘blend’ all of that together when they are writing, composing and arranging music. Their collaborative efforts shine through in every part of Blended Reality Band, from their original music to their strong three part harmonies. In fact the band states, “The harmonies, that’s our sweet spot. It’s where we truly shine as a band, and it’s our favorite part of the music. The three-part harmonies are the biggest factor in who we are as a band and what we hope to really be recognized for at the end of the day.” – Mack, Riley, Ty

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