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10 Qualities Of a Great Wedding DJ

Planning the perfect wedding celebration has many moving parts, from the flowers and the dress to the food and decorations. Beyond those elements, you also must consider entertainment. A wedding DJ is a crucial part of your special day and will make your celebration with your friends and family even more memorable.
At Entertainment Unlimited, we’ve put together a list of the top ten things to look for when searching for a wedding DJ.

Wedding Experience and Expertise

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The type of music your DJ plays will determine the mood of the reception. You will want someone who knows how to keep a stream of music flowing in the background to keep guests entertained and provide structure to the evening, making the experience of working at weddings crucial.
DJs who have experience with weddings will know when to play certain songs at special points in the reception, such as upbeat songs during your entrance march or a sentimental song during your father-daughter dance. Blending, cutting, and mixing the right melodies for a wedding requires extensive experience, so it is important to look for a DJ with expertise in weddings.

Great Personality

If you don’t plan to have a wedding emcee, your DJ will be the one to take the responsibility of hosting the reception. This is why you will want to choose a DJ with a pleasant and charming personality who can connect with the crowd. Seek out a DJ who is engaging and confident. When you met with your DJ, pay attention to how they talk and carry on a conversation. If they are able to put you at ease, they will likely be popular with your guests.

Professionally Conducts Business

When working with a wedding DJ, it is important that they are professional, meaning that they:
Answer your text messages and emails promptly.
Ask for special requests, and work to understand the type of music you like.
They will arrive at the event on time and dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Passion for Their Job

Every DJ specializes in a certain type of music. Some love romantic ballads, while others are well-versed in popular dance music or pop songs. No matter the genre they are interested in, the best DJs are all passionate about music. By working with a DJ who has a passion for their craft, they will make it their goal to share this passion with your guests for an amazing evening.


It is important to work with a wedding DJ who is organized. They should have a copy of the evening’s timeline, but if something is delayed, they should be flexible enough to keep the events on track. The right DJ will be able to adapt to a delay in the schedule and have your guests enjoying the evening without feeling rushed.


While the job of a DJ is not particularly dangerous, accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Be sure to check that your wedding DJ has insurance.

Backup Equipment/DJ

It is important to work with a DJ that has a backup plan. Even with all the proper planning by your professional DJ, things can go wrong. Equipment can break, the power can go out, the DJ can get sick, etc. Be sure to discuss a plan B with your DJ in case a crisis occurs.

Familiarity with the Venue

Check to see if your DJ has ever worked at your venue. If they have, they will be familiar with the layout and different challenges the venue presents and will already be prepared to handle it, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Portfolio of Work

Ask your DJ if they have any video clips of other weddings they have done. This will give you a great idea of what they are like in action and will help you see if they are a good fit for your event.

Strategy for a Packed Dance Floor

Any good wedding DJ should be able to tell you how they keep the crowd out on the dance floor. An experienced wedding DJ will be able to read the room to determine which songs are a hit and which songs are falling flat with the crowd.

Experienced Wedding DJs in Pittsburgh

At Entertainment Unlimited, we have a wide range of experienced, professional wedding DJs to make your next event memorable! When searching for “wedding DJs near me,” be sure to contact Entertainment Unlimited for the best selection of Pittsburgh wedding DJs.