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Ask our DJs – Advice for Corporate Events

Corporate event planning is no easy task. From finding the right venue to booking delicious catering, corporate events require a great deal of planning to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. At Entertainment Unlimited, we understand this planning process can be difficult, so we asked our Pittsburgh DJs for their best tips on planning a corporate event. 

Hire an Experienced, Versatile DJDJs Pittsburgh

DJ Sosa cautioned not to hire a DJ who doesn’t have experience in corporate events.  He said you also want to make sure the DJ has a professional image, not one with messy equipment or cords hanging everywhere. “Professionalism, looking good, all I’s dotted, and t’s crossed.  A lot of times at corporate events they don’t dance, especially when the spouse isn’t there. Making sure everything else is right is really important,” said Sosa. He said it’s important to find a DJ who can read and adapt to the crowd.

DJ Jet (Jesse) said because there is usually there is a public speaking component to corporate events, so it is essential to look for a DJ with an effective sound system that can get people’s attention. He said finding a DJ who is professional and clear speaking to handle the formal parts of the event is also very important. Jet said you also want a DJ that can shift quickly into party mode, depending on the party, and you want someone who can help people to have a good time within the bounds of what is appropriate for the event. 

DJ Scott Alexander said the best places to check out when choosing a DJ or other entertainment for your event include reviews, testimonials, and promotional videos. “You can go online now and get a really good start in choosing the people you want on your team there,” said Alexander. He said that he also recommends you get references for your DJ and check those references. This will help you ensure you have an excellent idea of who you are hiring for your next corporate event.  He said that with some simple homework, you should be able to determine which DJ is best for your event. 

Corporate Event Entertainment is more than Just Music

DJ Scott Alexander said some DJs could do game shows for your event such as Name that Tune, Jeopardy, and even karaoke. Standard casino games are another option for your corporate event. He said interactive games, character artists, and photo booths are popular with the younger generation. He said they have moved from just a DJ trying to get people out on the dance floor to more interaction with games. Alexander said if you are trying to decide what kind of party to plan for your company, it is not unusual to have a sit-down dinner, appetizer dinner with games, a game show or photobooth at your event. 

“It’s clear that millennials would choose experience over a filet mignon sit-down dinner any day of the week. I think that has shifted what entertainment is appropriate for these events with more experience-centered kind of fun and games,” said Alexander. 

Keep the Playlist Appropriate

The playlist is a vital part of a corporate event. DJ Sosa said it is essential to keep the music appropriate for the timeline of the event. From speeches to a raffle giveaway or dinner, you want to make sure the music that is being played fits the activity that is going on. He said to take it’s important to find a nice mix of songs for guests to make sure everyone feels included. He said you could also provide video and graphics in addition to the music. 

Professional DJ Services for Your Next Corporate Event

At Entertainment Unlimited, our DJs are highly experienced professionals with versatile skills and the professionalism to keep your corporate event running smoothly. Whether you need a DJ who can get people out on the dance floor or you need a DJ who can run your game show entertainment, we have the perfect DJs for your corporate event! 

Contact us today to learn more about our DJs and our other corporate vent entertainment options.