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Best Corporate Charity Events for Giving Back

As an employer, it is important to keep your employees happy and engaged. Millennials who make up the incoming workforce are looking for ways to fulfill their social reasonability. Studies show that many millennials want to fulfill that responsibility through company-wide volunteering or team projects, making corporate charity events a great way to engage this portion of the workforces, as well as employees of all generations.

Providing your employees with an opportunity to volunteer their time and skills to the community and have fun doing it will not only help engage them but can also help boost workplace morale, increase job satisfaction and strengthen the bond of your team.

corporate charity events

Below are a few corporate event ideas where you can engage your employees in team-building activities while raising money to give back to your community.

Night at the Races

This event, also known as video racing, is a fun night out and is perfect for companies big and small. You can use this event to raise funds for a charity of your choice while providing your employees with an exciting evening full of fun and friendly competition. The night is usually made up of 10 races with an auction race at the end of the night. You can book this event alone or as part of full casino event, for added excitement.

As one of our most popular event options, a Night at the Races is the perfect way to give back while having fun!

Charity Game Show

A game show is a perfect team building experience where employees stand at game show podiums and compete by answering questions on a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, geography, science, and current events. We provide a quality, projected answer board with microphones as well as game-like visual and sound effects to really make you feel like you’re on a live game show!

This event combines fun and a charitable donation, serving as a great way to make your employees feel like game show stars while engaging them and boosting team spirit.

Professional Entertainment Services for Your Next Corporate Event

In addition to our game show and night at the races events, we also have a wide range of casino games available for your next corporate charity event. Our expert team can tailor the wide range of entertainment services we offer to suit the unique needs of your charity event. Let us help you engage your employees and give back to your community in a fun and exciting way.  Contact us today to learn more about how Entertainment Unlimited can help you make your next corporate charity event one to remember!