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Do I need A DJ for My Wedding? 5 Arguments for Hiring a Pro

With easy-to-use devices and numerous apps for building playlists or mixing songs, anyone can claim to be a DJ. When it comes to your wedding, do you really want just anyone at your event? If you’re trying to decide if you should hire a professional DJ or an amateur, it is essential to look at the benefits of hiring a professional.


5 Reasons a Pro is the Way to Go


You may not need a DJ with years of experience and state of the art equipment for your backyard BBQ or small birthday gathering with friends, but when it comes to your wedding and creating a fun atmosphere, a professional DJ can make all the difference.


1. A DJ will emcee to keep the party going

When you hire an experienced DJ, they will act as emcee which is especially helpful for a large event like a wedding. A DJ can announce your bridal party as they enter the reception, keep an eye on the crowd, and most importantly make sure everyone is having a great time! A DJ can also handle any lulls in the actions and keep the party flowing smoothly throughout the night.


2.  DJs make a big impact

With most weddings, the cost of hiring a DJ is small compared to the impact it can make on your event, so it is important to make room for it in your budget. Entertainment is key to creating a memorable night for yourself and your guests, and with a professional DJ, you can rest assured your guests will be dancing all night long.


3. DJs come with reliable equipment that offers a great sound

With a professional DJ, you can expect them to have a professional sound system that is dependable and provides a great sound. Most professionals also bring backup equipment to keep the party going in the event of a malfunction, ensuring the tunes and the good times keep rolling. Using an amateur, you risk them bring faulty equipment that could leave your reception without any music.


4. They have a wide selection of tunes to suit your crowd

With a big group of diverse people, it can be difficult to keep them all happy and on the dance floor. A professional wedding DJ is experienced in handling this challenge and can adjust the music as needed to make sure your guests are having a great time. An amateur isn’t likely to have as wide of a selection, leaving them unable to keep the crowd on the dance floor. 


5. DJs will set up and break down their own equipment

The last thing you need is another task on your list during your wedding day. With a professional DJ, there is no need for you to worry about setting up their space. A professional DJ will set up their own equipment and will check to be sure it is all working correctly. After the reception, they will break down their equipment, leaving no mess behind and leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


At Entertainment Unlimited we have a variety of experienced and professional DJs for you to choose from. In addition to music, some of our DJs also include lighting and audio specialties to make your reception special. Whether you are having a large wedding or a more intimate gathering, we have DJs who work well with events of all of sizes and budgets.