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Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations

Raising money is a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right mix of leadership, passion for the cause, and a compelling mission, it’s possible to reach your intended audience. But first you need a plan to pull it all together.

To raise money for your non-profit organization, Entertainment Unlimited can help. The key is to make it fun and build an event around your cause. We’ve been helping non-profit groups raise money in a variety of ways, such as:


Night at the Races

We’ll work with you to select a theme for your event, and assemble the other aspects of a solid fundraiser:


  • Select a venue that is centrally located with easy parking
  • Pick a date that doesn’t conflict or compete with other events going on in your area
  • Incorporate a band, delicious food and beverages, and other extras


You can be thinking about how to engage your audience while they’re with you. Some tried and true methods may involve:


  • Share your story. Be authentic in order to connect with your guests. This is the best way to spread awareness of your mission and build relationships. 
  • Craft an elevator speech—a brief, compelling description of your non-profit goal that you are able to deliver in 30 seconds (or by the time the elevator moves from the top floor to the ground).
  • Ask for a gift. Using a variety of strategies, you can ask for a gift, but be specific. Let the donors know what their money is going toward specifically. Your gift of X will help Y people by providing Z.  
  • Thank each and every donor after the event. A hand-written note goes a long way in addition to a phone call. Get the note out quickly to show your gratitude and passion, which also gives donors the confidence that you’re on top of things.


Ready to get started? Let’s talk.


If you’re interested in planning a fundraiser for your non-profit, look no further. Call Entertainment Unlimited to learn about all the ways we can help you pull off an event that is true to your passion and helps you reach the goals of your mission.