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How Much is a Wedding DJ?

Wedding planning is centered around your budget, so it is crucial to understand what affects the pricing for different elements for your big day to ensure that you get the right services for your needs and your budget. When searching for a Pittsburgh DJ, there are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to the cost of the service.

Factors that Can Affect the Cost of a Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ console with HeadphonesCosts for a wedding DJ vary based on a wide range of factors which include:

Setting and Size of the Venue

If you plan to have a larger wedding, you may need additional speakers, upgraded sound equipment, or more microphones to ensure the best sound, which can increase the pricing. Outdoor settings can also lead to a higher cost, requiring the DJ to set up additional equipment like power cords and other items that may be needed to accommodate the outdoor setting.  

Length of DJ Set

In most cases, the longer your wedding ceremony and reception, the higher the cost. If you plan to have all day wedding or reception that spans into the late night, you may need more than one DJ to keep continuous service. With another DJ on the job, you can expect an increase in the cost of service. 

Travel Time to the Reception

Whether the DJ is coming from out of state or just a 30-minute drive, their travel to and from your wedding can be factored into the overall cost. It is essential to ask whether travel costs are already factored into the cost or if they will be an additional charge. 

The Popularity of the DJ

If you choose a DJ that is very popular in the area, it is likely that their services will cost more than a DJ who is just breaking into the business or who is not as well-known in the area. 

Additional Services or Equipment

As you will see, as you search for a DJ, many DJ companies will provide special effects and add-on lighting for your ceremony and reception. If your DJ needs to create complex special effects or lighting displays, needs to use additional DJ software, or requires special equipment to meet your ceremony or reception needs, then it is likely that the price for service will increase. 

Specialty equipment or effects such as CO2 cannons for shooting confetti, black lights, customized image projection, or fog machines are all elements that can raise costs. 

Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding DJ

Budgeting for a wedding can be challenging, so to help you save money on your wedding DJ services, the team at Entertainment Unlimited has put together a few tips to keep costs lower:

Choose a Lesser-Known DJ

By working with someone who is newer to the DJ community can help you get a lower price. If you are comfortable with working with someone who has slightly less experience, you can find many great professionals who are available to provide the soundtrack to your special day at a fraction of the cost. 

Plan for a Shorter DJ Set

You may consider purchasing limited DJ services as a way to lower your costs. If you only need a DJ for certain parts of the day or if your venue is already outfitted with a DJ system. To shorten the DJ set, you can use your own preset playlists for the cocktail hour and dinner and then hiring a DJ for a few hours for the reception. 

Be Selective with Special Effects

When browsing the special effects and additional services offers, be sure to be selective. If specific special effects such as a fog machine or special lighting are essential to the atmosphere of your reception or to dazzle during your grand entrance, then be sure to do what will make you happy. If you don’t need these elements for your reception, then you can skip the add-ons to help keep costs lower. 

Professional and Affordable Pittsburgh DJ Services

At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide high-quality, professional DJs to make your wedding extra special. We have DJs for every style, musical preference, and budget. When you start your search for “wedding DJs near me,” be sure to check out the fantastic DJs Entertainment Unlimited has to offer!