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How to Plan a Wedding

From catering and venues to finding the perfect dress and entertainment, planning a wedding can be stressful. The best way to help ease this stress is to stay organized and follow these steps that the Entertainment Unlimited team has put together to help you get started!

Bride and Groom at Wedding Enjoy Your Engagement 

Celebrate with your significant and enjoy the excitement of being engaged! Admire your ring and take the time to reflect on the proposal. Take photos of yourselves with the ring and enjoy the moment of making your engagement special. 

Share the News 

Before you post on social media or call your best friend, give your parents the good news first! If possible, have both parents present for the announcement and if you live nearby, try to tell them in person. This will give them a chance to see your happiness, admire the ring, and start discussing the wedding. Once you’ve told your parents, you can start telling other family and close friends as you see fit. 

Buy a Journal/Planner

Staying organized can help take a lot of stress out of wedding planning. Planning will be filled with moments you will want to remember and ones where you may need somewhere to vent your frustrations. A journal/lanner is an excellent tool for staying organized and for staying organized during this time in your life. It’s also something you can look back on after the wedding and cherish for years to come. 

Formally Announce Your Engagement

You can announce your engagement in print publications or via mailing announcements to friends and family. You can also take this time to set up a wedding website where you can keep guests updated with dates, times, and locations of wedding festivities. 

Pick a Date

Before you can begin booking vendors, you will need to choose a date. This date can be a day that is special to you and your significant other or a date with no special meaning but one that you want to turn into a special day. Once you have a date set, it will be easier to get started with the rest of your planning. 

Decide on the Tone of Your Event

 Do you want a casual event with close family and friends, or are you looking for a formal affair or maybe even a theme wedding? It’s crucial to decide the tone of the event to help you narrow down ceremony and reception venues. 
You can start by doing some freewriting about your perfect wedding and reviewing what you wrote down for a starting point. You will also want to decide if you are a secular or religious ceremony. 

Determine Your Budget

This is another vital piece to decide on prior to booking venues and other services. You need to look at your finances and see what you have available in your savings and how much you can save every month. You will also need to discuss with your parents what they would like to contribute. This is where you should determine whether they want to give you money or if they plan to pay for specific services such as the catering or the venue.  

Choose Your Bridal Party

The attendants or bridal party are an integral part of helping with planning and other wedding tasks, so it is essential to get them involved when you begin planning. You may opt to not have a bridal party if you’re having a more casual wedding, but many people will choose between 2 and 12 people as members of their bridal party. If your chosen attendants live nearby, it’s nice to ask in person. If you are unable, a phone call is a great option as well. 

Check Out Venues

Venues for ceremonies and receptions book up fast, sometimes a year in advance, so this is the first big step you should take when booking wedding vendors. The sooner you start, the more likely you are to get the date, time, and price that you want. 

Choose Your Entertainment

Music is an integral part of any wedding from the ceremony to the first dance and throughout the evening for the reception. It gets people out on the dance floor and keeps the mood upbeat and fun. 

At Entertainment Unlimited, we have a wide range of professional DJs on staff, each with their own style and personality. With a variety of DJs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your wedding and reception! 

Contact us today to learn more about our professional wedding DJ services.