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Managing Wedding Stress

No matter how laid back you are or how streamlined your planning is, it is likely that every couple feels stressed at some point during wedding planning. At Entertainment Unlimited, we’ve put together a few tips for managing wedding stress and the anxiety surrounding your special day. 

Wedding Checklist and BouquetSet Decision-Making Deadlines

If you have anxiety about wedding planning, it is important to be decisive. While you certainly should compare options and make informed decisions, you shouldn’t let yourself get stuck on decisions. You could spend weeks debating over table plans, invitations, or menu choices, leading to stress. To avoid this extra stress, set decision deadlines for you and your partner so you can make the call and move on to the next task on the list. 

Anticipate Moments that Will Make You Anxious

This tip is especially helpful for those who are prone to panic attacks. By anticipating the moment that is most likely to give you anxiety, you can either find a way to avoid the moment entirely or find ways to make these moments easier for you to handle. You want to enjoy your day, so if there are traditional moments that you are dreading, don’t be afraid to ditch tradition if it helps you have a stress-free day! 

Give Yourself Time Away from Planning

You may feel like planning your wedding is consuming your life, but to keep stress levels down, you need to take time away from planning. Whether you plan regular date nights, exercise, or read your favorite book, make sure you have nights away from wedding planning to prevent burning out from the stress.  

Give Yourself Some Extra Room in Your Budget

Money is a major stressor for many couples, and it is common for couples to go over budget when planning their wedding. To help prevent money worries as our big day approaches and help you plan for any overages, be sure to give yourself some wiggle room in your budget of at least 15% over what you plan to spend. When putting together your budget, setting a contingency, and being realistic on what you can and can’t afford can help eliminate the stress around money. 

Hire a Professional DJ or Entertainer

The last thing you want to worry about on your special day is the entertainment at your reception. Whether you want a live band or a wedding DJ, Pittsburgh’s Entertainment Unlimited has a large selection of professional wedding DJs, live bands and other entertainers that will keep guests on the dance floor all night long! Our experienced entertainers have the high-quality equipment and talent you need to throw an amazing wedding celebration. 

Contact us today to learn more about our professional wedding DJs!