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Picking a DJ for Your Wedding

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding – the location, food, flowers, photography, dresses – the list is endless. One crucial detail is the music entertainment for the wedding reception. The right DJ should be professional and engage your guests, ensuring that their evening is as memorable as yours. Below are a few helpful hints that can assist you with choosing the right Pittsburgh DJ for your wedding:

• Be sure to look over the DJ’s contract. One of the key indications of a DJ’s professionalism is their contract. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
• Meet or speak with your DJ ahead of time. This is your wedding, and it is important for you to know who you are leaving in charge of the music for the evening.
• Research your DJ, whether it is through references or video of their prior engagements.
• Does your DJ strictly play music, or will they be able to serve as an Emcee as well. Important things like the Bridal Toast and special events throughout the evening require announcements, and you need someone who has the professional capacity to do so.
• Find out any specific things you will be expected to provide for the DJ ahead of time. This will avoid any last-minute problems that can arise.
• Ask the DJ if they will be working alone or if they have a partner or significant other. If they are bringing anyone with them, make sure that they are professional and will not interfere with the DJs duties.
• Make sure that your DJ is insured. This is an extremely important detail that you don’t want to overlook!

And last, but not least, the music. First you want to establish whether or not requests will be taken at the wedding reception, and if so, the procedure for handling requests. This is important to know ahead of time, to avoid any confusion on the Big Day. Discuss your preference in music for the DJ, make sure that he has a clear understanding of what you do and don’t want, as well as any special songs that need to be played. Communication is the key when it comes to your music, and you will save a lot of headaches by discussing everything you can ahead of time!

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