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Pitfalls to Avoid at Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning a wedding can be a stressful task. From finding a venue to booking a DJ, every element and detail must be accounted for to help ensure your wedding day goes smoothly. To help alleviate some of the stress and help you avoid common wedding woes, we asked our DJs for advice on how to avoid certain pitfalls on your wedding day.

Find the Right Wedding DJ

When it comes to planning your wedding, a central element is music, so it is essential to ensure you find a DJ that is the right for your event. It is essential to find a DJ who is responsive, proactive, and prepared.

DJ Scott Alexander said when he is booked for a wedding he immediately contacts the bride or groom and sends them a contract, outlining what he is looking for and what he will be looking for down the road. A month before the wedding or event he meets with them to look over the information and learn about their unique weddings needs.

He said he also makes sure to focus on the bride and groom, making them the star of the evening. When looking for a DJ, it is crucial to hire a professional who will work to help make you and your spouse feel special.

DJ Scott also said to be sure to match your expectations with your choice of DJ. If you want a DJ who is respectful and focuses on you or if you are looking for a DJ who gets involved, leads the crowd in dances, etc., it is important to learn more about your DJ’s style and personality before deciding.

DJ Sosa said it is crucial to avoid unseasoned DJs. He said when you a hire a DJ keep in mind that the DJ can ruin a lot at weddings. From the traditional songs to the introductions, a DJ has a lot of responsibility at your wedding, so it is essential to find someone who is experienced. He also said to avoid picking a DJ that is not aware of the crowd, doesn’t engage the crowd or one that yells into the mic every two seconds.

He said you want to find a DJ with a nice balance of engagement and professionalism who can also help accommodate any situation or problem that may occur. DJ Sosa said a DJ can get you through the hiccups, no matter what chaos may be going on if they have traits such as:

  • Experience
  • Time
  • Accessibility
  • Resourcefulness

By choosing the right DJ, you can ensure your guest have fun and that you and your spouse have a night full of great memories!

Designate Plenty of Open Dance TimeWedding DJ Pittsburgh

DJ Sosa said that many times couples do not designate enough time for open dance toward the end of the reception. Sosa noted that couples get consumed by traditions or experience other delays. These delays can throw off the schedule of the reception, usually resulting in the dancing portion of the night getting cut back.

Sosa said from his experience most of the time the dancing is cut too short in the end. He said an event where the crowd danced all night, but the couple did not want to pay for the extra hour that was booked. Be sure to be designate enough dancing time and make sure you are aware of any extra fees for additional time with your DJ.

Choose the Right Music for Your Guests

For most people, the goal of the reception is to celebrate your marriage and have fun with your guests. Many want to make their guests happy with great food, fun, and most importantly, music. DJ Sosa said that in his experience he has noticed that there is a thin line that you walk with the bride and groom with what will keep them happy and what will be played. 

He said in some cases the musical tastes of the bride and groom aren’t what people want to hear, so it is important to have a playlist that accommodates your guests while still ensuring you hear the songs you wanted.

Be flexible and work with your DJ to compose a playlist that will not only make you and your spouse happy but will also keep your guests moving and grooving throughout the night.

Keep Things Moving

DJ Jet (Jesse) said he has seen the night slow down when couples decide to greet everyone at each table before they move on with other parts of the reception. He said you should avoid keeping your guests waiting around. He recommends having the first dance and then circling back around to greet your guests at their tables.

He said some couples try to wait until later in the evening for parts of the reception like the first dance, but he recommends having the dance shortly after you and your spouse enter the reception. He said when a couple comes in, they have everyone’s attention, but later in the evening it becomes difficult to regain their attention, so it is best not to wait too long.

DJ Jet said he experienced a wedding where it was taking a long time for the buffet line to be cleaned up and taken off the dance floor, resulting in the bride becoming upset. He recommends making sure you are proactive in dealing with the facility by asking if there is anything you can do to move things along. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays and frustration. 

It is essential to plan to do things such like your first dance earlier in the evening to ensure you have everyone’s attention and to work alongside the venue, caterer, etc. to ensure things are moving along smoothly, keeping you and your guests happy.

Professional DJ Services for Your Wedding

At Entertainment Unlimited, we take pride in offering experienced and professional DJs to help ensure your wedding reception goes smoothly. Whether you want a DJ who will party alongside you and keep the crowd dancing, or if you are looking for a DJ who will enhance your low-key reception, we have a wedding DJ for you! Contact us today to learn more about our wedding DJs.