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Pittsburgh DJ’s Describe Their Favorite Weddings

Weddings are a fun and memorable event for many people, including DJs. At Entertainment Unlimited, we asked our DJs to tell us about the most memorable wedding they have worked and what made that particular wedding stand out to them.

Extravagant Weddings and Memorable Venues

DJ Sosa said he has worked some very expensive, over the top weddings that stand out due to the spending such as a big wedding he did at the Fairmont with flowers, chandeliers, and a marble dance floor. “They were memorable just because of the spending,” Sosa said.

Sosa also said he has DJed for many same-sex weddings. Sosa said he DJed one of the first same-sex marriages before it was recognized in PA at the South Park Recreation Hall.

Other memorable weddings for Sosa include one held on the Rooftop at Hotel Monaco and one at the Heinz History Center.

Lively Crowd that was Ready to Dance All Night

DJ Jet (Jesse) recalled a wedding where he said the bridal party came out to the dance floor to “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble,” waving their Terrible Towels. “It was hyped up from the very beginning,” Jesse said. He said from the start it was “go time.”

He said they also had a wide variety of music and the guests danced to everything. He said the music went from Oldies and R&B to swing dancing and techno. “It was just one of those things were different age groups were all dancing to everything,” Jesse said.

He said they had a big circle on the dance floor, with Jesse stepping in first to break the ice and get people to take turns dancing. “People were covered in sweat by the end of the night. I myself had a great time,” Jesse said.

7-Hour Open Bar for an Extraordinary Evening

DJ Scott said the most memorable weddings are where the debauchery comes into play. Scott said he did a 7-hour wedding where the open bar was available for the entire 7 hours of the event. He said by cocktail hour one of the mothers, either the bride’s or the groom’s was dancing on the table. “This was when I knew it was going to be a fun and crazy, wild wedding” Scott said.

He said the evening ended with them shaking beer bottles and covering the bride in beer and with the groom singing from the balcony and dangling from the balcony. Scott said although this frightened him and other guests, no one was injured.

Scott said it was an expensive and beautiful wedding. “That was an extraordinary sight to see. They sure had fun,” Scott said.

Professional DJ Services for a Night to Remember

At Entertainment Unlimited we have a variety of DJs with different styles and personalities. Whether you want a non-stop party or a more laid-back vibe, we have the perfect DJ for your wedding! Contact us today to learn more about our superior service and how we can make your event extra special!