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Casino Fundraiser

Make Your Fundraiser a Casino Party!

If you are looking for a unique and fun way to hold a Fundraiser a Casino Party is an excellent way to thrill a crowd. A Casino Party will provide your guest with hours of entertaiment while helping you raise funds for your event. A Casino Party is completely customized to fit your needs. You can have as many or as few games to suit the number of guest and budget. Entertainment Unlimited has years of experience with Casino Parties and offer professional dealers that go the extra mile to make yur event a success.

How a Casino Party Fundraiser works

The most common way to run a Casino Fundraiser is to have your guest purchase an admission ticket and receive a set of play money to gamble the night away. Since no real money is used we suggest that the guest be allowed to cash their “winnings” in for raffle tickets. Then the raffle tickets can be used to give away prizes or hold an auction.

Night at the Races Fundraiser

If you are looking for another unique fundraiser a Night at the Races may be just the ticket. A night at the Races is actual thoroughbred races on film. The names of the horses are customized, which allows you to raise money by allowing guest to name a horse for a donation.

10 tips to a successful Casino Party Fundraiser

  1. Establish a Budget – It is best to set a budget and allocate so much to food, casino vendor, prizes, venue and decorations. The largest percentage typically goes to food and the casino vendor.
  2. Vendor Selection – If a Casino Party Fundraiser is your event then the casino vendor is the most critical to a successful event. It is important to get a vendor with experience, which allows the vendor to offer advice for the event. Also, check with your vendor to see what services are offered. Vendors vary on what they offer, such as accessories, dealers, and novelties.
  3. Date & Time Selection – It is important to start planning months in advance to ensure the vendor and venue are available. Also, it is highly recommended to check the local social calendar to make sure no major events conflict with your date. Most casino parties will have about 3 hours of gaming time and then you must allow room for food, cashing out and prize giveaways (if any).
  4. Location Selection – The location you select should be easily accessible to your guest. The venue should also be able to accommodate the casino tables, food and beverage, entertainment and your guest comfortably. Keep in mind some venues do not allow you to bring outside food vendors in.
  5. Table Selection – The number of tables you select should be based on the number of attendees expected. Most casino parties expect about 75% of the guest to be playing at any given time. The other 25% will be either watching, eating or enjoying other entertainment.
  6. Theme Selection – A theme is not necessary, but it does create excitement about your event. Some themes include Mardi Gras, Carnival theme, 50′s theme, and Western themes.
  7. Food/Beverage Selection – Most often, the food is served in a buffet style. Some events do have a sit down dinner and then move into the casino area. This option is typically dependent on space options. As for beverage your event can either have a cash bar or open bar. If a cash bar it is suggested to provide 1 or 2 drink tickets to your guest and then have them pay for additional drinks.
  8. Entertainment – If you would like to expand to include other entertainment for your casino fundraiser the most popular entertainment is a DJ, magician, or caricaturist artist. A DJ will be able to not only supply the music, but does the emceeing as well for any announcements. The magician is an excellent entertainment idea becasue he can do strolling magic. The caricaturist artist will provide a memorable keepsake for your guest. Ask your casino vendor if they provide other entertainment beyond the casinos and this will allow for one stop shopping for entertainment.
  9. Decorations/Party Favors/Invitations – If you are having a theme then buying your decorations, invitations and favors becomes an easy task.
  10. Prizes/Giveaways – The number of prizes will depend heavily on the number of guest and our budget. If you are doing a raffle we suggest contacting local organizations to donate prizes. This will help your budget.

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