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Kaptain Knucklehead

Kaptain Knucklehead has dazzled audiences worldwide and comes to us from Hollywood

Kaptain Knucklehead

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Kaptain Knucklehead has dazzled audiences worldwide and comes to us from Hollywood, CA “The Entertainment Capitol!” From beginning, middle, to end of any event, his charm will entice and include your guests, with fun entertainment, and whimsical repartee. The games he performs are inclusive and engaging for every age. His endearing ability to engage audiences is unparalleled. No group is too challenging! Guests and CEOs alike, leave with smiles and handshakes of appreciation, time and time again.
Schedule Kaptain Knucklehead for your next event and you will be delightfully credited with a successful and memorable event!

Imagine a Kaptain Knucklehead event, if you would:
As you walk toward your event with your guests. You start feeling the groove as you hear the music that sets the mood. Then, the next things you spy are colorfully flagged field games, and prize canopy that is ornate with a cornucopia of prizes to muse. Suddenly, a colorful entertainer appears; he is talented and engaging in many ways; he juggles, he does magic, and gets the crowd rooting for the next phase of the show. He sets the tempo and leads your party throughout the day. The event is a success and people had more fun than they imagined they would. You had no idea things could be so easy, fun, and rewarding. You’re thrilled! You think, “Gee, even I had a good time! I better book early for next year.”

Sack Races… Hula-Hoop… Limbo…
Contests…Water Games… Sports… Tug of War etc…


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