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The Magic Of Science

Educational Magic

Magic of Science with Professor Steve

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“The Magic Of Science” Program is a high energy, fun-filled, educational show that utilizes magic,
science demonstrations, and lots of audience participation to teach kids all about the sciences of
physics, math, optics, and chemistry.

The goal of the program is to get kids excited about learning more about our world. We talk about
electricity, gravity and various other scientific discoveries. The talks are highlighted by interesting
demonstrations that are fun to watch and keep the kids entertained. I show them how science can be an
adventure, and how learning can be fun. “The Magic of Science” is also motivational, inspirational, and
helps to raise the children’s self-esteem and is appropriate for grades kindergarten through eighth.

The programs are highlighted by magic, comedy, audience participation, interesting demonstrations and
play lets that are fun to watch and very entertaining.
They all include tons of audience participation that keep the kids involved and make learning fun.

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