Mark Hayward | The Juggler | Entertainment Unlimited of Pittsburgh
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Yo-Yo Guy Mark

Juggling most loosely defined is the act

Yo Yo Guy Mark

Juggling most loosely defined is the act of manipulating objects. Mark likes to use this board definition of juggling, as can be seen by his use of unusual props. Mark’s show is primarily yo-yo’s and spin tops, but he still enjoys some of the old favorites like juggling clubs and torches.

Mark’s performance consists of an amusing combination of comedy and object manipulation. He uses props such as yo-yo’s, tops and juggling equipment, as well as nontraditional performing props like a mousetrap, in a fun and witty style for a show that can be enjoyed by anyone!

Mark’s shows are perfect for Company Events, Family events or College Shows. In addition to yo-yos Mark is available as a Keynote speaker, EMCEE or as a quirky Comedy Duo Show.

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