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Mentalist Alexander

Alexander is a brilliant young performer who overcame many challenges to become Pittsburgh’s only active professional mentalist and memory expert.
As a child, he suffered from debilitating neurological disabilities that made social interactions and academic success difficult. However, Alexander had a strong desire to learn and rise above his challenges, and he trained himself to master social skills and developed the confidence to stand in front of a crowd. Then by studying such disciplines as psychology, sociology, nonverbal communication, and mnemonics, he learned to manage his disabilities and succeeded in spite of the odds.
As a college student, he became an expert in the art of magic, sleight-of-hand, and illusion, later hitting the streets in his hometown as a busker, where he honed his public speaking and performing abilities and learned how to work a crowd. He eventually began specializing in the mysteries of the mind, and in 2013, Alexander stepped forward as the only active professional mentalist in Pittsburgh. His years of study and practice gave him the ability to read people so well that he appears to be able to read minds. For example, using only simple visualization techniques, he astonishes audiences by revealing hidden details from the subconscious of a total stranger.

Mental Marvels Show
Alexander’s Mental Marvels show is an amazing hour of mind reading and mentalism. Using only non-verbal communication and psychology, secret information is discovered and revealed. Hidden objects are found, the past, present, and future are illuminated, and even a word merely thought of can be discovered one letter at a time. The show concludes with a grand experiment linking together the thoughts of two people through nothing more than their own personal connection with one another.

Personality Readings
Through mentoring by some of America’s finest mentalists, Alexander has developed a highly intuitive system of visualization that reveals a subject’s subconscious personality traits, strengths, and talents. The test is never wrong. Each sitter gets a special “tic sheet” with their reading, a veritable road map of their unconscious mind.