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Scavenger Hunt

Entertainment Unlimited NEW WEBSITE Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! All are welcome to participate, but you must follow the rules in order to have a shot at winning Penguins Tickets and other prizes! To participate in an additional prize drawing where three lucky scavengers will also have the change to win $50 gas cards, please visit our Facebook page and follow the additional contest rules!! So, we know what you are here for, please see below the list of Scavenger Hunt questions/items. Don’t forget to submit your answers via the form on this page, or email them directly to . The Scavenger Hunt Contest begins on Monday, December 15th 2014 and will conclude on Saturday, January 31st 2015. No contest entries will be accepted after January 31st! We will chose the winner of the Penguins Tickets AND the three Facebook winners of the $50.00 Gas Cards on Monday, February 2nd 2015.

***Employees, Families, and Performers of Entertainment Unlimited ARE NOT eligible for this contest!***

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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