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Walk of Love

Walk of Love is one of the most sought after wedding bands in America.

Walk of Love

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Touring nationwide as “Walk of Shame”, the band is nationally sponsored by Jagermeister, and combines the best in “bar/party” rock with all of your favorite songs to sing, dance, and drink along to!

Where the band excels is in reading and adjusting to the crowd that they are playing to. You have a few older aunts who want to dance to songs that they remember? Great – We’ll play some Beatles and some MoTown hits. The wedding party is 25-35 years old and wants to rock out to their favorite songs from when they were in college? Super – We’ll play some Sublime and Blink 182! Newer hits? You should see Spiffy sing Lizzo!

The point is, it’s YOUR day. We are there to do whatever it takes to make sure that it is also the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. By mixing live music with DJ entertainment (That we provide as well) there is a great “flow” to the evening where no matter what you like, you’ll get! Sean also is an experienced MC, and is an expert at making sure that he doesn’t mispronounce the weird name of that one bridesmaid.

We price several wedding packages based on length, location, date, time, and more. For only slightly more than a traditional wedding DJ, you can book “Walk of Love” for a full-service wedding that you and your guests will NEVER forget!  

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