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Wild World of Animals

Wild World of Animals

What is the difference between alligators and crocodiles? Are alligators man-eaters? Are all scorpions deadly? Why are snakes important? Why do skunks have stripes? What animal is the closest living relative to the dinosaur? What is a legless lizard? We answer these questions and many more using are-appropriate dialogue.

Our wildlife show is 45-50 minutes long. It consists of a variety of animals including scorpion, toad, alligator, snapping turtle, tortoise, crocodile, legless lizard, snake, European eagle owl, skunk, fennec fox, binturong, monkey and a leopard!

The show can be performed inside or outside. All that we need is an area approximately 10’x10′ to keep the animals secure while they are waiting to be introduced. Each animal is brought out separately and discussed. Some interaction is permitted with certain animals. It is our goal to educate while we entertain our audience. We explain the importance of nature and wildlife and give suggestions as to how everyone can help our environment. One of the main objectives of the show is to make people aware that every animal is important, since they all perform a job in the wild, that all together makes nature work properly.

We enjoy answering questions about nature and wildlife. We also try to lessen fears that some people have of animals life snakes and alligators. All of our animals are raised by us, usually starting off in our house. They are professionals! We do, however, emphasize that they are NOT pets.

We are state and federal licensed and insured.

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