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Do You Really Need a Wedding DJ?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make for your wedding day is dismissing the idea of using a professional DJ. Music is an important piece of your wedding day, and with a great DJ, it could make the difference between a fun wedding celebration and an unforgettable event.

Dancing to Wedding DJ As your number one source for live DJs in Pittsburgh, Entertainment Unlimited has put together a list of common mistakes couples make when planning the music for their big day. For the perfect day, be sure to avoid:

Skipping the soundcheck.

If your DJ has never worked your venue before, be sure to schedule a walk-through of the facility for them. It is also important to check with your venue manager if there are any limitations when it comes to the power supply, sound amplification, or time of day restrictions. A sound check can help your DJ identify any other issues that may occur with the volume and sound by performing a soundcheck. By skipping this step, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise come the big day. 

Not making a list of must-play or don’t-play songs.

It’s important to avoid assuming your DJ will play all of your favorite hits. Be sure your DJ is open to your suggestions about what you want to hear and provide them with a list of your favorite songs. Your DJ may need to add these songs to their repertoire, so having advance notice allows them to be more prepared. It is also essential to provide your DJ with a list of songs you don’t want to have played, so they know what to avoid. 

Beginning your ceremony in silence.

Silence can be awkward. Many guests will arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the ceremony, but if they are left to sit in silence, that wait may seem even longer. Be sure to book your ceremony musician or DJ to begin at least 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony. 

Including explicit songs in the reception playlist.

While you won’t be able to make everyone happy on your big day, it is crucial to tell your DJ to keep the playlist PG-13 for the reception. During your after-party celebration with your adult family and friends, you can cut loose with the music that may not have been appropriate around your younger family or your grandparents. 

Staying stuck on one genre.

While you may love ‘90s country music, your guests may get tired of it after a few hours. This is a celebration that is shared with your friends and family, so be sure to play a mix of songs from different genres that everyone can enjoy. 

Professional Wedding DJ Services in Pittsburgh

At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide high-quality, professional DJ services to the Pittsburgh area. Our DJs all have their own styles and personalities, allowing you to shop around and find the one that will work for your wedding. When you search for “wedding DJ’s near me” be sure to choose Entertainment Unlimited for your DJ services!