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How To Avoid Top Wedding Mistakes

With concerns surrounding COVID-19 still at the forefront of many couple’s minds, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake that could potentially add more pressure to your big day. At Entertainment Unlimited, we want to help make your big day easier, so we have outlined a few common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding. 

wedding mistakes

Ruling out a Wedding Planner

The week before your wedding is a time where all the last-minute details and unforeseen circumstances begin to arise. So rather than you and your significant other preparing for your big day and connecting with loved ones, you may end up shuffling through paperwork and making phone calls instead. With a week or day of wedding planning, you can get this workload off your plate so you can focus on more important time with family and friends. 

Forgetting to Budget for the Extras

In many cases, a wedding budget is centered around the “per-head” price. This typically leaves out the costs for flowers, photographer, DJ, live band, etc., that aren’t included with your venue. In some cases, these items’ costs can double the price per head and send you over budget. You should think of your budget in terms of a fixed total and then allocate a certain percentage of the budget to each item.

Forgetting to Take Time for Yourselves

This is a special day all about you and your significant other. Be sure that you take the time to reflect on the day together and also take the time to eat something. Many brides and grooms forget to eat on their big day with all of the hustle and bustle. In addition to taking time for yourselves, be sure to have fun and enjoy the moment because it is all for you!  

Not Booking a Professional DJ

While it may be cheaper to use a speaker and your Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music, it is not likely to provide the same entertainment and structure to your even as your DJ will. A DJ can serve as more than just someone providing the music. 

They are the master of ceremonies, announcing your arrival at the reception, your special dances, and more! They also help you expertly craft a playlist for the day and will have an idea of what songs to play, at what time to keep the party grooving all night long. Hiring a professional DJ is always a great idea for your big day. 

Not Planning for Change

Although now is a difficult time for many couples, one of the best things you can do is persevere and remain flexible to change. COVID regulations continue to change, which can lead to changes to your big day, so it is important to have plans in place in case you must change your reception from inside to outside or make cuts to the guest list.

While some of these changes can be extremely difficult, the best thing you and your significant other can do is to take each change as it comes and to remember that no matter what happens, your day will be perfect because you will be surrounded by loved ones, celebrating the love of your life. 

Professional Wedding DJs 

When searching for “wedding DJs near me,” be sure to choose Entertainment Unlimited. Our selection of DJs features those who are professional and experienced at weddings. Our DJs also follow COVID-19 precautions and will work with your venue to ensure they follow proper regulations. We want to help make your big day special, so contact us today to learn more!